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Phish – New Years Eve 2012


Happy New Year!

If I had known any better, I would have brought my golf clubs to the show last night! Fore!
On the final night of the year, Phish took the stage at Madison Square Garden transforming the arena into a true Garden Party.

Safely making the journey home from New York City, I feel as if I just walked off the green after thirty six grueling holes on the golf course. Multiple nights of Phish in the Big Apple for New Years will tire even the most black belt Phish fan.

I Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays. What a great year, Here’s to 2013!

Jake’s Phish Photos From the Road

Phish – 12/31/2012 – Madison Square Garden

Empire State GardenDSC00490 DSC00509 DSC00494 DSC00530 DSC00561 DSC00583 DSC00586 DSC00599 DSC00519Through Alternate Pasts DSC00614 DSC00585 DSC00616 DSC00617 (1) DSC00632 (1) DSC00625 (1) DSC00641 (1) DSC00643 DSC00640 DSC00669 DSC00670 DSC00678Happy New Year!DSC00650 DSC00684 DSC00690 DSC00685 DSC00708 DSC00716 DSC00721 DSC00718 (1) DSC00717 DSC00714DSC00548 (1) DSC00488 DSC00503