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Phish – 12/30/2012 – MSG

  • Phish – 12/30/2012 – MSG

If your at all familiar with Phish history, it’s become fairly common knowledge that the date 12/30 has become a highly regarded musical standout from each New Years run. Each year delivering brain busting jams, covering a vast spectrum of musical improvisation. Enough of this garbage! Let’s get to the point of this post.

Jake’s Phish Photos From the Road

Phish – 12/30/2012 Madison Square Garden

DSC00400I beg my mirror image DSC00313 1 DSC00336 DSC00370 DSC00367CK5 DSC00358 DSC00357 DSC00330 DSC00328Listen for my hornIt's a small world, but we all start out small Black and White CK5Affix his gaze, his features staid DSC00313Traffic light won't let me through DSC00294
DSC00427Play It Leo!DSC00397 DSC00404 PaintDry Ice Factory DSC00403 Paint DSC00377