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Jake Silco’s Personal Favorite Photos from 2020.

  • Jake Silco’s Personal Favorite Photos from 2020.

2020 was quite an odd and tough year. But maybe part of that was personal a feeling after New Year’s Eve 2019. January had some high Points with five Mike Gordon Show. From there I went down to Florida to my aunts house to retreat the cold but then meet the rest of my family down there to hang with them for a week. My brother and Sister-n-law are both doctors so hearing their thoughts on the pandemic certainly didn’t help my psyche whatsoever. Which in return heightened my anxiety by ten folds.

Long Lake, NY in the Adirondacks. Northville Placid Trail

The months from March to August were some of the the hardest months I’ve had to deal with in my life. Surely I can’t be the only one who feel that way. A brief highlight came in June when I hiked the Northville Placid trail to Long Lake, NY in an effort to get away from civilization for a little.

Later that summer in August, my brother finally gave me the ok to come visit their family in Maine. This was after taking a Covid test and getting negative results. Maine is a very special place and you can feel it the second you cross the border. While in Maine we Visited Acadia National Park, relaxed, and I found my favorite spot on the east coast just outside of the park. This is a disclosed location due to the severity of danger.

Andromeda Galaxy from Canadice, NY

September was a little lame but then October came around and it was like a tale of two years. The worst year of my life suddenly turned into one of the best experiences of my live covering The Beacon Jams for Trey Anastasio at The Beacon Theatre. What at honor and privilege of a lifetime.

Life is very strange and one thing the year taught me is to make the best out of bad situations. Turning lemons into lemonade if you will.

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