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What is “Earthshine“?

Earthshine is a result of the suns light reflecting off the Earth’s surface. Our atmosphere resembles a mirror projecting a ghostly glow on the dark side of the moon. This spectacle can be seen during the crescent moon phase a few days afore and prior to the New Moon. For more information on Earthshine, be sure to visit this often overlooked website

With the Winter Solstice rapidly approaching, the days of catching the sunset after work are slipping by. Poorly planning last nights sunset, I soon realized my window of opportunity to photograph any earthshine was shrinking. With the sun sinking out of sight, the conditions in the western sky were perfect to capture the crescent moon. Sending myself seeking, the majority of my time was spent scurrying the landscape for the perfect focal point. As the Moon drew closer to the horizon, my Earthshine window of opportunity was quickly closing. This photo voyage just got serious!

Taken on November 15th, examples of the Earthshine phenomenon can be seen below.